About Me

Hi, I'm Warwick. I'm a freelance digital, video and motion graphics designer, working primarily with Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, HTML and CSS. More recently I have been working with Spark AR and Cinema 4D.

Since graduating from Bath Spa University in 2005, I have worked with a multitude of agencies, companies, government institutions, universities and individuals with work ranging from illustration to video and motion graphics to website takeovers.

I most recently worked as a digital production designer at Thinkjam, working mostly on projects for 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers. After six and a half years there, I've now gone freelance.

To get in touch you can email ( warwick@warwickbromley.com ) or call me on 07753958451.

My interests include playing basketball, playing the guitar and building various (sometimes useful) inventions. I also build Augmented Reality projects for use on Facebook and Instagram.




In my career, I've had the good fortune to work with some industry leading clients and global corporations. Below is a small selection of the companies and organisations I have produced work for, some through my main job and some on an individual basis.

Recent Work - Augmented Reality

Over the last year I have been creating Augmented Reality projects, specifically using Facebook's (and Instagram) excellent Spark AR Studio program.

Initially I used existing 3D models in my projects, but I am learning Cinema 4D so I can create my own work from scratch. Below are six of the resulting projects - I can see huge potential in the medium!

Website Takeovers

Below are a few of the website takeovers I have worked on in recent years.

Great fun to plan and to make, takeovers expand to cover a whole site, giving users access to various media (videos, picture galleries etc.) and ideally, give the users a very memorable and exciting experience.

Video Work

Below is a selection of video projects I've worked on recently. I enjoy the work very much, particularly cutting down trailers. Trying to get the feel of a film condensed down to 10 or 20 seconds is challenging, but very satisfying when you get it right.


A mix of some of my illustration work.

Much of my freelance work has been in the field of science communication. I have done extensive work with the University of Bristol, producing illustrations for several high impact science journals including covers for Nature Chemistry and Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Street Snooker Abstract 3
Artificial Membrane Proteins


Freelance Designer at Warwick Bromley Digital Design

2008 - Present

My own freelance work.

Clients have included Nature Publications, the University of Bristol, Imperial College London, The Wellcome Trust, Biomedcentral, 3M and Brake Brothers.

My work has appeared in several publications including Nature Chemistry (cover), Advanced Healthcare Materials (cover), Chemistry World, Genome Medicine and the Discovery Channel website.

Digital Production Designer at Think Jam

Nov. 2011 - June 2018

I most recently worked as a designer, developer and video editor at Think Jam. I created interactive banners, videos and website takeovers, primarily for films by 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers.

Lead Designer at Environmental Business Products

Aug. 2010 -Nov.2011

I worked as the lead designer for the media team at EBP, creating animations, illustrations and website wireframes on a number of projects. My work on the Street Snooker project was on the BBC during the 2011 Snooker World Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield.

Freelance Designer at Warwick Bromley Digital Design

2008 - Present

Graphic Designer at Spectral Vision

May. 2006 - Nov. 2007

One of my first jobs after graduating - I worked as a graphic and web designer for 3D visualisation specialists Spectral Vision.


Design, Illustration, Animation, Video Editing, 3D, Basic Scripting & Programming

Adobe Photoshop

18 years

Adobe Illustrator

18 years

Adobe Flash/Animate

17 years

Adobe After Effects

7 years

Adobe Premiere

5 years

Cinema 4D

2 years

Spark AR Studio

1 year








BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Screen Media

Bath Spa University 2002 - 2005

National Diploma - Foundation Art & Design

North Oxfordshire School of Art & Design 2001 - 2002






Warwick Bromley Digital Design Ltd.

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