Alien Covenant Facebook chatbot ad

Alien Covenant Facebook chat bot ad This was a short video edit and banner ad I made for Alien Covenant to encourage users to open a Facebook chat bot built by our dev team.I really enjoyed creating the video for this as it was compiled from multiple sources, my favourite part being the dissolve between [...]

Deadpool Motion Image

Deadpool Motion Image This was the result of some experimentation in After Effects with some static imagery, the 3D Camera and the pin tool.

Ferdinand YouTube end card

FerdinandYouTube End Card Ferdinand was the first YouTube end card I worked on (the short video ad at the end of YouTube videos). Rather than doing a straight cut down of the trailer, I decided to focus on one sequence in the edit, condensing it down to 20 seconds. I particularly liked adding the 'Sorry [...]

Murder on the Orient Express YouTube end card

Murder on the Orient Express YouTube End Card End cards are the short video ad you sometimes get at the end of a YouTube video, this one being for Murder on the Orient Express. My job was to take the two minute movie trailer and re-cut it down to 20 seconds (sometimes 10 seconds, depending [...]






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