Spitfire Facebook AR experiment

The most recent Facebook Augmented Reality experiment I have worked on. A documentary called “Spitfire” was commissioned for the centenary of the RAF and was shown at cinemas around the country on the 17th of July for one day only. The poster art was fantastic so I asked the cinema if I could have it once they had finished with it, which they very kindly did.

I started by creating a small version of what I had in mind, the first part of the video above – again I used a free 3D model, which I then applied a simple animation to in Cinema 4D. I wanted to know if it would be possible to use the poster, which is quite big, to generate a full size (36 feet across) augmented reality Spitfire. The result is in the second part of the video, and I think shows the potential of the medium particularly for large scale outdoor ads.